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  • Shell Voice

    Shell Voice is one of a leading telecommunication solutions provider for both wholesale and retail VOIP operations.

    We offer 0.5 USD as promotional bonus to use our services, check quality and next can TopUp / Recarge your account.

  • Call Backs

    Customer can use this option when internet in mobile is too slow. Customer can enter Source number (1st calling number) and Destination number(2nd calling number).

    Customer will recieve a call to source number 1st and after lifting call, it dail destination number. Customer can talk with destination number from our VOIP route.

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)s

    Shell Voice provides all main countries DID numbers. We Can provide DID based soft PBX solutions at very reasonble pricing.

    Shell Voice provides DIDs with termination and with out termination facility too, for other retail VOIP solutions providers.

  • Calling Cards

    Shell Voice provides calling cards for all major countries. Customer can call all over world with out internet.

    Customer will call a local country hot line number provided on calling card and enter the pin one time. and after successful pin enter, dail destination through out the world.

  • IP PBX

    Shell Voice provides Ip PBX for all carporate offices. We also provide in bond, out bond call center solutions based on DIDs and quality VOIP routes.

    Shell Voice provides Ip PBX based on DIDs for all major countries Customers. We can devolop main IVRs and sub IVRs to land call correctly.

  • Call Shop / Resellers

    We can provide best plans for in-country call shop operators. We can provide call shop solutions under single billing with multiple devices at worlds best and compititive tariff plans.

    We can provide tailer made plans along fixed plans for resellers. We can provide multi level reseller pannel and provide A to Z destinations at worlds best and compititive tariff plans.

  • Payments (Top Up / Recharge)

    Customer can TOP UP / Recharge with various payment gateways to get instent balance.

    Top Up Vouchers.


    Credit Card.

    Debit Card.

  • Contact Us

    Shell Voice is committed to provide a great customer experience. For our product demos and custom requirement quotes please contact us.



    24/7 Customer Care (Toll Free from our dialer)

    (852) 5808-4334

    (1) 234-2210-288

    (33) 1706-13759

    (44) 11-6353-0044

    (852) 593-44002 (24/7 Whats App / Viber)