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Calling Cards


What is calling card

If you use normal phone with out internet, still you can call through Shell Voice route to minimize phone call rate, by using calling cards.


Select proper card

Purchase calling card from which country you are going to calls. If you already have our calling card, please check enough credit it have or not.


Purchase calling card

If you dont have our calling card, you can purchase a new card through this web site. make very sure purchase proper country calling card from where you are going to call. You will recieve Origination country local access number and a Pin number


Call access Number

Call from that country to locall access in country number. After PIN verification system prompt (IVR) will ask you to dial your desired number followed by hash sign (#) You must dial the full number with country code (like India +91 number you want to call).


Dial Number

After your call has been connected, you can talk as long as you have minutes. When you’re finished with your call, just hang up. Your remaining talk time can be used for next calls.


Balance Forward

If you purchase a new calling card, your old card balance will be auto forwarded to your new calling card, even new is a different country card. No expairity date for your balance. You can use until your last panney.